Almost Naked Angels

I have been getting a few followers lately and like a crack whore, I’m always hungry for more. The Magic Flunkies was created as a blog to poke fun at ourselves, which is fairly easy since I do it on a regular basis (getting poked). The post with the most views since The Magic Flunkies was set up belongs to the Marit Lage series, which is rather amazing considering that both of those posts have no bearing on game play or strategy. I like to think that there is a niche audience out there for non-competitive play and enjoys the poking.

The second most viewed post would be the one about female players. Did you know that people actually Google the term ‘female magic players’? Funny story, I was once trashed by a female player during a prerelease match (I think it was Scars of Mirrodin). I’m not really a competitive person (or sexist)  but come on, no guys would be proud of uttering the phrase ‘I got trashed by a girl’! Ladies, I look forward to your comments and letters…

In order to boost viewership and Google hits, I’ve decided to post a blog about….Angels! Sexy, sexy Magic: The Gathering Angels. Naked angels, barely naked angels, hot angels…hush, I’m making to get as many key terms as possible to generate hits.

Magic: The Gathering Angels have come a long long way since Serra Angel. I could be so so wrong, but I do believe that Serra Angel was one of the first angels for the game. Just look at her ample erm…heavenly incarnations! Serra Angel, along with Shivan Dragon were the chase rares of their time, sad that they have fallen from grace but at least Serra Angel has her good looks to depend on.

Fallen Angel, while not as pretty as Serra Angel, has been upgraded from a wingless angel (in Legends) to a winged angel (Commander) that looks suspiciously like Sinead O’Connor . I’m being very generous here, that was an old photo of Sinead.

My favourite Angel award goes to Akroma, Angel of Fury (or Akroma 2.0, or PMS Akroma). She has the honor of being the first mono-red angel and I think she looks absolutely ravishing in the artwork. I haven’t seen PMS Akroma being played before, come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen this card in real life before! I should probably hunt down a copy and build a PMS theme Commander deck using her as my Commander.

Anyway, these are my favourite angels in Magic: The Gathering. Special mention goes out to Angel of Despair, who coincidentally (or not) looks like Sinead O’Connor as well.

A quick search on the Gatherer listed 84 angels (excluding changeling), so what is your favourite angel?


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