Marit Lage is back!

The Wrath of Marit Lage

I never knew what Marit Lage is, or how she looks like. I imagined her to be a scornful bitch goddess like Lloth in Forgotten Realms. Hateful, powerful and basically how a woman behaves when she’s been dumped.

The Curse of Marit Lage

She’s definitely a pissed off chick.

And when Coldsnap’s spoiler was out and the preview of Dark Depths was shown…

She was described as an epic sorcerer frozen in a glacier’s heart. Her thundering steps havent been felt on Terisiare since she was locked in the glacier, but you already know that she waits, not dead, in those Dark Depths.

Little do we know that Marit Lage looks just like a dignified sotong.

Or rather, something that you might expect from the Pirates series.



20 thoughts on “Marit Lage is back!

  1. I think Marit Lage is the same big fat creature like the B.F.M in Unglued was, but tournament legal and not so broken

  2. The token creature looks like some misshapen oddity because it is an avatar (physical manifestation) of Marit Lage, and not Marit Lage herself. Same reason why Serra Avatar does not actually feature Serra the planeswalker but some dork which is supposed to pass of as a physical manifestation. I think its because they are so powerful (Serra and Marit Lage) that they could not make it to print.

  3. As far as what Urza_The_Planeswalker said on the 24th of July is wrong about it not being broken. A Indestructable 20/20 Flying Avatar is wrong. Add a War Chariot or similar artifact or enchantment that gives something trample and Coat of Arms (+1/+1 for every creature of the same type) and put it in an Avatar deck and we are talking cheese-o-matic. And just to go even farther just to make a class in and of itself known as just plain wrong: Mirror Gallery (Legend Rule does not apply) and we’ve got the M:tG equivalent of Universal Thermo-Nuclear Armageddon.

  4. It isn’t that broken- it costs oh, I don’t know… 30 mana over ten turns? You can’t start till turn three though, so make that 13 turns. That makes this a VERY late game creature. If it was unblockable then you’d have a problem.
    Unless of course you use aether snap… that’d bring it out pretty fast.

  5. but if aeter snap also removes all tokens, and as soon as Dark depths has no counters it is sacrificed and the token comes into play, then wouldn’t the token also be removed?

  6. I don’t think the token would be removed.

    I’m very unclear about many of the rules of the game, but isn’t this the chronological order?

    Play Dark Depths
    Play AEther Snap
    Remove All Counters and Tokens
    Sacrifice Dark Depths
    Play Marit Lage black Avatar Token Creature

    maybe stacks have something to do with it, but i don’t fully understand all the rules of the game.

  7. On the wizards site it actually says that Aether Snap is a VERY good card to use in conjunction with Dark Depths. To my understanding, Aether Snap removes all of the counters and other tokens from the game. That affect is over. Then Dark Depths has no more counters. Sacrifice it, and you have your 20/20 avatar.

  8. First of all, Aether Snap works with Dark Depths seeing as how by the time the Avatar token comes into play Aether Snap’s effect has already taken place.

    2nd, in response to Nevin-Yrral’s assertion that Dark Depths is broken, I will now list as many cards as I can within the next 30 seconds that can easily deal with either the avatar or attempts to spawn the avater. Here goes:
    Swords to Plowshares
    Cruel Edict
    Chainer’s Edict
    Diabolic Edict
    Repeal (tokens have a converted mana cost of 0 :P)
    Wing Shards
    Time Ebb
    Innocent Blood

    So 30 seconds really isn’t that long but the moral of the story is that bounce/removal/sacrifice are amazing ways to get rid of scary things.

  9. What about using Nemsis’s “Dominate” aganist her on the first turn she appears?
    again remember token’s cost is 0 :p

    a hasty 20/20 indestructible flyer for 1UU, good!

    Long time wandering what was that card for…

  10. play dark depths then just use Vampire Hexmage on turn 2, 3 if you cant sac due to summoning sickness, and bam all counters gone from dark depths.

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